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Golden Lounge Loyalty Points

Golden Lounge Loyalty Points.

Every time you play at Golden Lounge Casino you will earn Loyalty Points that can be exchanged for casino chips or even cash. Different types of games will earn you more points than others. You can check what your favourite games earn you and your current balance in the My Account section.

When you have 1,000 points you can exchange them for 10 casino chips. There is a chance to earn even more Loyalty Points and even exchange them for cash to do with what you wish with our Loyalty Program Tiers.

The more you play the higher you go

  Entry Points Maintenance Points* Bonus Points Exchange for Bonus or Cash
Topaz 0 0 0 Bonus
Sapphire 2500 2500 10% Bonus
Ruby 4000 3500 20% Bonus
Emerald 10000 5000 30% Bonus
Diamond 20000 18000 35% Cash

Terms and Conditions apply

*To maintain your position in a tier you need to earn the amount of points stated
that month or you will drop down to the lower tier the following month.

Redeeming your loyalty points is easy. Simply click on My Account in the casino software and you can view and redeem your Loyalty Points, if you are in the Flash Casino click on the loyalty points logo at the top of the screen.

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